Aetna and Silverlink Help Seniors More Successfully Monitor and Control Their Hypertension

Nov 15 2011
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Hypertension Program Helped Lower Blood Pressure, Improve Screening Rates, and Increase Satisfaction

Aetna (NYSE: AET) and Silverlink Communications, Inc. today announced successful results of a hypertension management program designed to help Aetna Medicare Advantage members deal with this chronic condition. During the one-year program, more than half (57 percent) of the participants who started with “uncontrolled” blood pressure and stayed engaged in the program moved their blood pressure to “controlled” levels.

The program also achieved high levels of engagement, with nearly 60 percent of participants continuing to actively monitor their blood pressure by using a free blood pressure monitor and submitting readings on a monthly basis. The frequency of participants’ cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol) screening also improved 5 percent.

“By helping our Medicare members manage their high blood pressure, we are hoping to help prevent heart disease, strokes and even deaths,” says Randall Krakauer, MD, FACP, FACR, Aetna’s national Medicare medical director. “Our nurse case managers work closely with our members and do a tremendous job providing them with the information, tools and support they need to help them control and improve various chronic conditions, including hypertension. The results of our program with Silverlink demonstrate that an automated program can further support and engage members in managing their own health conditions.”

The initial program included nearly 1,200 Aetna Medicare Advantage members with hypertension. These members received free blood pressure monitors that they used to measure readings on a monthly basis. Participants reported their readings by phone, actively keying values into an automated system managed by Silverlink, an approach designed to directly engage members in their health. Silverlink’s system provided immediate feedback and education, and alerted Aetna nurse case managers when members’ blood pressure readings were out of range. Members in the hypertension management program also received personalized automated calls and mailings to educate them on ways to lower their blood pressure and on the value of cholesterol screening.

“This program supports the idea that communications is truly the foundation of good health. Through education and support we believe we can engage, educate and empower people to improve their health,” says Jan Berger, MD, MJ, chief medical officer of Silverlink Communications. “We were delighted to work with Aetna on this program that used technology to measurably impact a pervasive chronic condition and keep individuals engaged in their health.”

This hypertension management program is now available to all hypertensive Aetna Medicare Advantage members. The hypertension program currently includes more than 20,000 participants.

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