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Innovation Health testing tech to manage diabetes

Oct 24 2017

Innovation Health is leading an innovative clinical research program testing two technologies that may help people better manage Type 2 diabetes.

Up to 400 Innovation Health members between the ages of 18 to 65 will test the GoCap®, a digital insulin pen cap that monitors and logs injections, and One Drop®, a cloud-based self-monitoring app that measures blood glucose data and provides live coaching.

Innovation Health, a northern Virginia-based partnership between Aetna and Inova Health, is partnering with Sanofi, a pharmaceutical company, to administer the study. The study will start in October.

“The exciting thing about this pilot is that it will allow us to conduct research in a real-world environment,” said Van Crocker, president of Healthagen Outcomes, an Aetna business unit focused on using real world data and technology to show the value of health products and services. “Study design and monitoring is a critical skill for Aetna. To do it right, we need to partner with providers who are willing to do innovative research. No better environment exists for this than our joint ventures.”

Controlling type 2 diabetes can be a challenging, life-long journey. And the rate of Type 2 diabetes is increasing, particularly among children.

“Creating unique relationships and implementing innovative care solutions is part of Innovation Health’s DNA,” said Sunil Budhrani, M.D., chief medical officer and chief medical informatics officer for Innovation Health. “As overall Type 2 diabetes diagnosis rates continue to rise, especially among children and teens, this pilot program will enable us to better understand, in adults 18 to 65 years old, how new technologies can help improve public health.”

Innovation Health network providers will manage patient care, while a principal investigator from Inova will oversee the study’s design and management.

“As a leader in diabetes, out ambition is to empower people with diabetes to live the life they want,” said Sebastien Coisne, vice president of innovative solutions of US DCV at Sanofi. “We believe that combining innovative medicines with connected devices and solutions leads to better patient outcomes and an improved patient experience. As innovative solutions come to market, we are very excited to work with Innovation Health on this pilot program and trust it will provide further insights to achieve that goal.”

The Innovation Health study reflects emerging studies focused on new clinical approaches to other chronic conditions.

“We are able to generalize this approach – a progressive, forward-thinking way to improve patient outcomes – to other disease states,” Crocker said, adding that Healthagen Outcomes is looking to develop another pilot for members who have asthma and cardiopulmonary disease. “What we are learning here will, hopefully, change many lives for the better.”