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Aetna offers members expanded services through Teladoc

Sep 12 2017

Aetna is giving members additional access to behavioral health, dermatology and caregiver services through Teladoc. With the expansion, members will also still have access to general medical care for routine and common illnesses through Teladoc.

“Through the expanded services we are joining members where they are, helping them with their health goals, continuing to increase access to care and improving on member experience by providing a suite of convenient telemedicine services,” said David Hildebrand, Aetna’s head of Network Product and Telemedicine Strategies.

The services are now available for self-funded customers to add and enhance their benefits plans. Fully-insured members will automatically have access to the new services on Sept. 1, 2017 for select states, with wider availability on Jan. 1, 2018.

Telemedicine includes the virtual delivery of health care services through a computer, tablet or smartphone. The service can increase access to clinicians and result in cost savings.

Aetna members will be able to schedule a time to speak with a behavioral health specialist and services can be provided any day of the week through an online video consultation. Teladoc’s Behavioral Health program features a fully credentialed network of psychiatrists, psychologists and Masters level therapists. Members can establish a behavioral health treatment plan and treatment during video consultation sessions.

Through the Teladoc Dermatology program, members can submit a high-quality image and questions through a secure connection to a dermatologist and receive feedback within two business days. The dermatologist will respond with a diagnosis and treatment plan. Members can also follow up on the same consultation within seven days. The program uses a “store and forward” model, which sends dermatologists uploaded photos and text and doesn’t require video or a phone.

The Teladoc Caregiver program allows an Aetna member to extend Teladoc to family members they care for. Caregivers are authorized to add their care recipients to their existing Teladoc account.  While care recipients are under the member’s account, they are considered outside the plan. Either the care giver or care recipient can initiate a three-way visit between themselves, a physician and the caregiver. Visits are $45 and paid at time of visit. Through this service, caregivers can share consult summaries with primary care physicians and other providers and access patient records for any follow-ups.

“Wherever Aetna members are, we want them to know we have these expanded services available to assist them on their healthcare journey with convenient, simple, affordable quality of care,” Hildebrand said.