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AetnaCare — a patient-centric form of care

Oct 11 2016

When it comes to ensuring patients are knowledgeable about their health and treating a chronic condition, it’s important for them to have access to the right resources. To help with this vision, Aetna launched AetnaCare, a new program designed to offer members an integrated care plan so they have the knowledge, motivation and confidence to manage their own health.

The program, announced in October 2016, uses analytics to identify target populations and proactively curates various health and wellness services that are available in the members’ respective areas. With AetnaCare, members will have a personalized care plan, or care map, and access to an ecosystem that brings together clinical and non-clinical services in their area.

The care maps are divided into key health events and reinforces the most up-to-date clinical, social and wellness practices. Each care map has various objectives, such as promoting treatment adherence, ensuring critical support needs of members are met and reinforcing healthy behaviors.AetnaCare is available to patients with diabetes and hypertension.

These plans are used by AetnaCare nurses, who meet with members in person or at their homes, to educate them about their condition. The nurses will also make sure members have access to different health professionals needed to achieve health-related goals. The AetnaCare nurses will regularly check-in with members to determine where members are on their personalized plans.

Members can also visit the AetnaCare website gain knowledge and skills to take an active role in their health journey. The website can also be used by new members of the program and providers and organizations that may wish to become part of AetnaCare’s healthcare ecosystem.

A care map includes objectives, such as promoting treatment adherence, ensuring critical support needs are met and reinforcing healthy behaviors

Empowering members

Giving members the proper tools and resources can help them understand their health and chronic conditions.

Aetna is also developing partnerships with other companies to participate in AetnaCare. So far, Aetna has developed a partnership with Merck, a company that develops two drugs used by diabetic patients.

By developing partnerships with key services, AetnaCare aims to present members an integrated care plan to put the control back in their hands.

“Today, individuals receive care in a variety of ways, including retail clinics, healthcare devices, pharmaceutical services, behavioral health, and social services, yet these services remain uncoordinated,” said Harold Paz, M.D., M.S., executive vice president and chief medical officer for Aetna. “Working with their physicians, AetnaCare not only integrates all these services into a coherent plan for members, it also curates care so patients don’t have to figure out for themselves how to get the treatment they need.”