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Telepsychiatry: A whole new way to talk your therapist

Jul 25 2016

“Talk to your therapist” is taking on a whole new meaning as telepsychiatry catches on among mental health specialists and their patients. With the increasing popularity of telemedicine, office visits are no longer the only way to access psychiatric services, medication management and counseling services.

Expert Robert Cuyler, PhD, says that interactive video technology makes it easier and less expensive to provide these services, while giving patients the comfort they want and access they need.

Dr. Cuyler provided his insight at a Behavioral Health summit hosted by Aetna. The summit brought together subject matter experts from Aetna, as well as those from medical and academic fields, to discuss mental health problems affecting our communities. The 2016 summit focused on the shortage of behavioral health practitioners, which poses a challenge to ensure patients receive effective health care.

He is president of Clinical Psychology Consultants Ltd, LLP, a consulting practiced focused on behavioral health telemedicine services. He is the author of the book ‘Implementing Telemedicine’ and co-author of two textbook chapters of telepsychiatry.

Anyone who may be concerned about a loved one or friend can find online resources like the National Institute of Mental Health.