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Dealing with grief, fear and the inexplicable

Jun 13 2016

Mass shootings in schools, movie theaters, restaurants and nightclubs. Bombs in crowded streets. Planes falling from the sky. When these nightmares come to life, we can be overcome by fear, grief and anger. Whether we were directly affected, or knew someone who was, or followed it on the news, terror like this can affect our lives, deeply.

Aetna has professionals who are trained to help people deal with trauma of all kinds. We’ve gathered their wisdom into a library of resources that can help. We want to share those with you, and invite you to share them with those you love.

Resources for dealing with disasters

When a horrifying event is brought about deliberately by another person, it can trigger strong reactions in us. These may help you.

Children need special attention at times like these; they may not understand everything that happened but they know people are afraid and angry. Here are ways to help your children.

Disasters of all kinds, including natural disasters and horrible accidents, have their own far-reaching impacts. Following are some ways to cope.

If you or someone you know has lost a loved one, it can be hard to know how to help yourself or others. Here are some resources for you.