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Women are more likely to ask their doctor questions

Apr 06 2016

Women are more proactive when it comes to managing their own health and that of their loved ones, according to  research from iTriage, an Aetna company. The 2015 study focused on health literacy among Americans. Researchers found that 40 percent of women are likely to ask questions of their health care providers if they don’t understand something, compared to 28 percent of men. Since women make the majority of health care decisions for their families, it was not surprising that the research showed 60 percent of women knew when an urgent care center was a better choice than the emergency room for different kinds of care. In contrast, 50 percent of the men surveyed thought an urgent care center was the right choice if they thought they were having a heart attack.  Health care experts advise anyone who thinks they might be having a heart attack to dial 911 or go to an emergency room.

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