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Mark Bertolini: Creating healthy days as the measure of our success

Bertolini envisions a society that person by person, community by community, creates productive, happy human beings

Aetna Chairman and CEO Mark Bertolini frequently talks about the need to redefine success in health care in order to improve the overall health care system. In a recent interview with Huffington Post co-founder and editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington, Bertolini spoke about how many of Aetna’s programs and initiatives support the company’s mission of building a healthier world.

“We are going to introduce the notion of creating healthy days as the measure of our success,” Bertolini said. “If we could have a society that person by person, community by community, we created productive, happy human beings, the dialogues we see on TV every day and in the political arena and between nations might go away. And wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing.”

Bertolini’s interview was part of the “Pioneers” original video series from The Huffington Post. The series, which goes inside the lives of 10 people who have made it their mission to redefine success. At the top of their respective fields, from business and technology to entertainment and pro sports, they’re all focused on helping others lead a less stressful, more fulfilling life. Hip-hop icon Russell Simmons, national media personalities Dan Harris and Soledad O’Brien, and sports psychologist George Mumford were among the other people featured in the series.

The five-minute profile of Mark and other segments from the Pioneers series are available to watch online.

One of the issues Bertolini and Huffington discuss in the video is the importance of getting enough sleep. The two also appeared together on CNBC. There Bertolini discussed how Aetna is encouraging employees to get enough sleep, improving their productivity and the company’s bottom line.