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Compare medical costs for 20 common procedures

Apr 05 2016

Did you know medical costs for the same procedure can vary widely?

Medical costs for many medical services can be 10 times greater at one office or hospital than another, even within the same zip code. Knowing the cost ahead of time lets you make more informed choices. Even when you don’t pay anything out of pocket for, say, preventive care, smart choices can help hold down plan costs and your premiums.

Fortunately you probably have access to a cost estimator tool from your health plan or an app like iTriage, for comparing medical costs. But do you know when it makes the most sense to use it? Check out the list below of the 20 most shoppable services.  The list was derived from a study of Aetna’s Member Payment Estimator tool in Health Affairs.

Who’s shopping for care? The Health Affairs study of more than 600,000 Aetna members found it’s mostly people with high deductible plans. But anyone who pays a percentage of their bill can save on medical costs with a little research.

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This list comes from an April 2016 study of consumer use of Aetna’s cost estimator member tool, published in Health Affairs. The list represents a combination of most-searched services along with others that experts deemed valuable.