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Aetna Annual Report: Why we need to rethink health

Aetna’s Annual Report tackles a big question — why we need to rethink everything about health.

“We’re starting by redefining success,” says Aetna Chairman and CEO Mark T. Bertolini in the opening video. “In health, success isn’t just the absence of disease. We need to focus on improving the health of individuals and supporting their productivity. Productive individuals are culturally, socially, spiritually, and economically viable and as a result, they’re happy. If we can focus on improving health care person by person, community by community, then our nation will be a better place.”

Aetna’s Annual Report profiles people who are making change happen across the many facets of health care. In an appealing combination of videos, dynamic images and articles, these pioneers explain how they are helping to create healthier communities, healthier businesses, healthier people and healthier care.

An emergency room visit brought one woman face to face with her weight. When Aetna offered help, she accepted – and lost more than 80 poundsHer risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and stroke now are back within a normal range.

“You have nothing to lose except a lot of weight,” she says.

Aetna started this change effort at home, in its own workplace. The company renewed its social compact with employees by raising the minimum base wage and lowering out-of-pocket medical costs for eligible employees with low household incomes. Those changes have reduced employee turnover and increased engagement – both good news for the members Aetna serves.

Aetna also talks about plans to acquire Humana, a highly respected company that is also meeting people where they are and improving individual well-being to build healthy and vibrant communities.

Aetna’s efforts to create a healthier world are told in four parts in this year’s annual report.

Healthier Communities

Caring for the LGBT community. Aetna has long been at the forefront of social inclusiveness and reached out with a powerful “First Love” campaign to show support for the community.

DC Central Kitchen. This non-profit is bringing fresh, affordable food to corner stores in underserved neighborhoods of Washington, DC, with support from the Aetna Foundation.

A different kind of healing for children facing illness. Learn how 25,000 seriously ill children and families get help year-round from the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in Ashford, CT, with executive leadership and support from Aetna and the Aetna Foundation.

Helping veterans find health on the home front. Veterans returning home from service overseas face hard challenges. Many have serious health care issues. Learn how Aetna is making their health and well-being a priority.

Healthier Businesses

Mindful employers reap health, productivity gains. Mindfulness helps individual and organization health. Aetna gained about $3,000 in productivity for each employee who completed a mindfulness program.

Simplifying insurance for employers. Employers don’t want to spend more time than necessary choosing health benefits for their employees. Learn how Aetna’s standardized, simplified product portfolio is giving customers a faster, simpler experience, leaving them free to focus on everything else on their plate.

Aetna’s social contract with its employees. In January 2015, Aetna raised the minimum wage and increased benefits for its lowest-paid employees, taking care of them so they can focus on taking care of customers.

Healthier People

Nurse case managers add healthier days to many calendars. Read about how an Aetna case manager helped a 40-year-old man with diabetes and almost completely blocked coronary arteries work back toward health.

Practical advice for getting the best out of Medicare. A unique Aetna program offers a better way to get information about Medicare from volunteers who have been in their shoes.

A personalized approach. Learn how the Newtopia program helped one woman lose more than 80 pounds and get her risk factors under control.

Taking complexity out of health care. People who understand their health care benefits have a better chance of staying healthy. Learn how Aetna is making individual health care benefits a lot easier to use.

Healthier Care

Predicting medical events before they occur. By adding consumer data to the information it already has from medical claims, Aetna is able to identify members at risk and reach out to them more effectively. Read how more data is helping make people healthier.

The value of value-based care: one member’s story. When one woman developed a serious infection after surgery, she found she had one person on her side ready to help her get the care she needed.

NeoCare gives NICU babies a healthier chance. When an Aetna physician and his wife almost lost their newborn son, he and Aetna created a program to help parents become confident, expert caregivers while their babies are in the NICU.

Bringing care directly to our nation’s seniors. For Medicare Advantage members returning home from the hospital or dealing with multiple conditions, there is nothing like a home visit from a nurse case manager to get them on the right path.