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Where innovation meets health care

Nov 04 2015

Five years ago, a team of doctors and technology experts at Aetna started working together to develop innovative solutions that would make health care work better for patients, families and the doctors who care for them.

Since then, the Aetna Innovation Lab has introduced a variety of tools and programs as diverse as a personalized wellness program to help people with Metabolic Syndrome reduce serious health risks; a mobile app to connect breast cancer patients with each other; and a Tai Chi program to reduce falls for seniors in Maine. Currently eight patents are pending for ideas that came out of the Aetna Innovation Lab.

In his blog post, “Aetna pushes innovation to hospitals and doctors,” Forbes.com contributor Jonathan Salem Baskin talked with two of the Lab’s experts to learn more about their work. One of them was Dr. Greg Steinberg, Aetna’s head of Clinical Innovation, who told Baskin that, “Since there’s an explosion in healthcare data and technology, we’re focused on finding the small number of initiatives that aren’t just possible, but have a reasonable likelihood of success.”

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