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Health exchanges explained in simple terms

Nov 06 2015

Exchanges (also called “marketplaces”) are online markets where consumers and small businesses can go to shop for health insurance. On these sites, you can compare the available plans and then purchase online. In many cases, consumers shopping on a public exchange may be eligible for subsidies to help make health insurance more affordable.

Whether you’ve already bought health care through an exchange or you’re checking out exchanges for the first time, here are some changes to keep in mind as you shop for your 2016 health care benefits.

What’s new for 2016?
Shopping on a public exchange for a health plan for 2016? Just click on the image below to watch a short video highlighting what’s new this year.


Learn more about exchanges/marketplaces
Want to learn more? Our short, easy-to-understand video can help. Just click on the image below to learn the basics of health exchanges.

Exchanges simplified