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Aetna interns paint, plant and hammer to build a healthier community

Jul 20 2015

Thousands of students applied, but only 164 were accepted into Aetna’s 2015 summer intern program. As part of their experience, the interns get an opportunity to participate in a unique community project that gets students out of Aetna’s headquarters and into the surrounding neighborhoods of Hartford, Conn. The project, called the Chairman’s Challenge, is championed by Aetna’s CEO and Chairman Mark Bertolini and supports projects managed by the Hartford Area Habitat for Humanity.

What does building a house have to do with interning at a health insurance company? Aetna believes that building a healthier world starts in the community. Over the last 21 years, the company has given over $1.1 million to Hartford Area Habitat for Humanity, which funded the construction of 12 homes in the Greater Hartford area. Aetna has also donated in kind more than $1 million worth of real estate property, construction and demolition services and community outreach activism. Aetna employees volunteer more than 2,000 hours at Habitat build sites in Connecticut every year. In the Greater Hartford area, more than 200 families have benefitted.

Watch a video of the project here: