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Women’s health services required by Affordable Care Act

May 01 2015

Aetna is committed to providing coverage for women’s health services in compliance with the ACA. This includes instances where we already provide coverage that goes above and beyond what is required under existing guidelines. As always, we remain focused on complying with all federal and state laws.

Specifically related to the contraceptive mandate, Aetna covers each method of contraception, including a wide range of generic formulary contraceptive pills, injectables and devices; generic contraceptive patches; generic emergency contraceptives; diaphragms and implanted devices (IUDs and implantable rods); as well as female over-the-counter contraceptives, such as sponges, spermicides, and female condoms.  In addition, our exception policy allows coverage of nonpreferred, brand and formulary-excluded contraceptives when generic formulary drugs are determined medically inappropriate for a member by their doctor.  We have added NuvaRing, to our preventive coverage list as another hormonal contraceptive option for our members, starting in 2015.

Additional resources for information about preventive health requirements and regulations:

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