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Telenursing: Where technology and nursing meet to change lives

Sep 21 2016

You may never see the next nurse who touches your life. Instead, you may hear the voice calmly answering your questions. You’ll benefit from the experienced mind focused on helping you manage your chronic condition. You might get a call making sure you are doing well after you go home from the hospital. Each of these telenursing experiences demonstrates the caring, knowledge and skill that are the backbone of the nursing profession.

Kristin 1Many still think of nurses in their traditional roles in the hospital or medical office setting. However, that’s far from the only way nurses reach and support people. At Aetna, almost 4,000 nurses work on the phone, online, at their desks and even in meetings. They are helping to design and carry out the programs that impact people’s lives. Some Aetna nurses specialize in helping people get what they need from specialized medications. Others help pregnant women have healthy pregnancies and babies, or make sure people have the care and tools and information they need to recover from a serious illness or injury. They are the familiar voice helping someone keep a chronic disease like diabetes under control, or deal with an overwhelming cancer diagnosis. Others staff the 24/7 InformedHealth® Line, answering any health related question that comes in.

In the stories below, see how a few nurses have made a difference in people’s lives without ever meeting them in person.

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Three Million Nurses