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Simple steps can help you keep New Year’s resolutions to improve health

Most wellness experts agree that the key to making successful changes is to start small. Start with what is reasonable and achievable so that you can give yourself the “I can do this!” boost, which helps us feel empowered and recognize that it’s the daily journey that matters and not the destination.

So with the small, simple steps in mind, consider the following suggestions as you head into the New Year.

Finally, as you work to be healthier and happier, don’t forget to take advantage of your health benefit plan. Get routine preventive care, and use the resources in your plan to learn much more about steps you can take to get and stay healthy. Take the time to see what wellness programs, discounts and incentives are available to you.

One last tip: make sure you’re familiar with how your plan works so you can avoid expensive surprises and find care that offers you both quality and value in the new year.