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Feeling lonely? You’re not alone

Dec 19 2014

The holidays can be a rough time for some people, particularly if they are feeling lonely. Elderly people living alone, empty nesters and those who are grieving are especially vulnerable to feelings of loneliness during this time. If you or someone near you is feeling lonely, remember that loneliness is an emotional and mental state that can be painful and difficult to overcome. Loneliness can also lead to depression, which can create further isolation and affect physical health.

The tips below and the resources at the end of this article may be helpful.

Other suggestions and resources

Call for help: Many employers offer Employee Assistance Programs which may offer access to free face-to-face, telephonic, or televideo counseling.

VolunteerResearch shows that volunteering offers many health benefits, including fighting depression. Community organizations are always looking for more volunteers, particularly around the holidays.

Join a group: Local libraries are a great source of connection to what’s going on in the area. Religious organizations can also offer a sense of community and access to people who can help.