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Aetna Chairman and CEO Bertolini: Waste less, pay less

Jul 18 2014

Aetna Chairman, CEO and President Mark Bertolini offers a powerful summary on of what’s driving health care costs in the U.S.: If we want to pay less, we need to waste less.

In his opinion piece, Bertolini says, “Study after study tells us that we pay too much for health care in the United States, and we’re no healthier than the people in nations that spend much less.”

Bertolini also notes that  beyond better physician communication and collaboration, payment reform will be the single most important driver in reducing all categories of waste.  “Our system needs to abandon the ‘fee for service’ payment model.  It’s a 1940s-era model, and is not designed to care for the sickest, most vulnerable members of our community. Instead, we should pay hospitals and doctors for good health outcomes among patients.  We should link payment with the results of the care delivered, as measured in patient health improvement, and not in the number of services provided,” Bertolini writes.

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